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5 Fun Facts about Red Wine

Here are 5 fun facts that will change the way you enjoy Red Wine!

1. Red wine in small amounts has better health benefits than no wine at all!
Moderate amounts of red wine can help reduce incidences of cardiovascular disease, mortality and type 2 diabetes due to the anti-oxidants present. Of course if you drink more than your supposed to, it can have the opposite effect. So enjoy a glass of red wine in moderation.

2. Red wine’s health benefits also come from the tannins.
Red wine is made up of alcohol, water and polyphenols which include tannins, color pigments, wine aromas, resveratrol and a couple of thousand other plant compounds. Of the polyphenol, the most abundant in wine that can be attributed to health benefits is Procyanidins which are a type of tannin also found in green tea and dark chocolate. This compound helps with reducing cholesterol and is highly beneficial for a healthy heart and longevity.

3. Some Red wines are better for you than others.
Some wines have significantly more tannins than others, for example Cabernet Sauvignon has more condensed tannins than Pinot Noir, however both wines have much less that Tannat, Petite Syrah or Sagrantino. If in doubt, remember the following;

  • Dry red wines are better for you than sweet wines due to the sugar content
  • Red wines with lower alcohol are better than high alcohol wines
  • Red wines with higher tannins are better for you than lower tannin wines.

4. The colour in red wine comes from the grape skins
In particular, a plant pigment called anthocyanin found in the skin of grapes.

5. Almost all red wines are made from one species of grape
All of the common red wines including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah are derived from just one species of grape: Vitis Vinifera. There are other Vitis species, however they are rarely used for wine. Vitis Vinifera is known as ‘the’ wine grape species. Interestingly, it does not originate from France, it originally came from Eastern Europe.

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