How to buy wine online

We get a lot of questions from friends about how to buy wine online. Here we look at how to maximise your purchasing ability when buying wine on the internet.

Most of the wineries in New Zealand have an online shop where you can purchase their selection of wines and from different vintages. Due to the high cost of delivery for small amounts and the amount of time required to package up small amounts, the price per bottle can be higher than desired.

The larger retailers, such as Supermarkets operate an economy of scale ie they buy cheap and sell large volumes. This is the main reason that the supermarkets can offer low priced wines. Stand in the wine area of your local supermarket and notice the pellets of wines being brought in to re-stock the shelves!

Beware, however as supermarket wines tend to be low quality / high volume wines that are fine for general consumption but if you are wanting to experience higher quality wines, it is better to purchase from an independent merchant. Also, sadly the wineries themselves have to drop their price per bottle to secure a contract with the large retailers which has a knock on effect, limiting potential future development of the vineyard and ultimately the overall NZ wine industry.

Global Shelf Wines and Spirits operate a ‘winery to table’ business model that enable us to deliver to your door a variety of wines from a variety of vineyards. We have wholesale agreements with the wineries so that we can pass the savings on to you, whilst maintaining variety for your enjoyment. We support the wine-makers in terms of distribution, marketing and sales as we see the value in connecting great wines with New Zealanders.

Buying wine online through the Global Shelf website offers you variety, value for money and the knowledge that you are supporting the New Zealand Wine industry by drinking great wine!

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